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Video review

Record a video review in which you tell about the Hash512 network


- The minimum video length is 20 seconds.
- Upload videos to YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Aparat or Youku.
- The title of the video must contain the keywords “Hash512” or “”.
- Only 1 video per week paid. Leave your referral link to in the description.

Important! The video should be recorded from 01/12/2018

Don't delete the video. If you delete the video, this action will be considered fraud and you'll be disqualified from participation in the bounty program. The company reserves the right to provide the bonus at its full discretion, depending on the quality of the video content.
Bonsu : $3 - $500

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Attach your referral link, in the signature of your BitcoinTalk profile.


Only for users with a rank:
- Member (Bonus - $ 10 per week)
- Full (Bonus - 15$ per week)
- Sr. Member (Bonus - 25$ per week)
- Hero (Bonus - 50$ per week)
- Legendary Member (Bonus - 100$ per week)

Important: You must resubmit your application each week to participate in the BitcoinTalk Bounty program to re-verify compliance with the rules.
If you delete the signature, this action will be considered a fraud and will be disqualified to participate in the rewards program
Bonsu : $10 - $100

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General info about Bounty Program

- All payments will be credited into your account balance in Bitcoin.
- You can use bounty balance for Cloud investment only.
- Each application is considered from 5-7 working days to be reviewed. © 2018-2021
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